Maine state poet laureate (2011-2016) Wes McNair ran the weekly Take Heart poetry feature in Maine newspapers from 2011 to 2015. Moon Pie Press poems were featured many times, and two lovely anthologies were published of the Take Heart poems.

Moon Pie Press poets have had poems in this feature many times:

June 26, 2011Robert M. Chute"Driving Down East"
July 24, 2011Dave Morrison"Closing Time"
August 6, 2011Ellen Taylor"Hummingbird and Hen"
November 6, 2011Annie Farnsworth"For the Falling Man"
January 5, 2012Jay Davis"Potatoes"
March 12, 2012David Moreau"Salt to the Brain"
April 1, 2012Ted Bookey"The Power of It"
April 8, 2012Alice Persons"Mud Season"
April 29, 2012Ellen Taylor"Spring Cleaning"
May 6, 2012Michael Macklin"Resurrection"
May 20, 2012Annie Farnsworth"Spaghetti Western Days"
June 6, 2012Bob MacLaughlin"Ball Smacks Mouth, Splits Lip"
July 22, 2012Nancy Henry"From the Toy Box"
September 9, 2012Doug Woodsum"Spooked Moose"
October 28, 2012Bruce Spang"Humane Society"
November 4, 2012Ed Rielly"Hands Reaching"
December 9, 2012Dave Morrison"He Sees the Future"
January 6, 2013Pam Burr Smith"Sandwiches"
March 10, 2013Robin Merrill"Out Here"
May 19, 2013Alice Persons"Stealing Lilacs"
June 9, 2013Jim Glenn Thatcher"Understory"
October 20, 2013Claire Hersom "October Moon"
October 27, 2013Edward J. Rielly"The Lost Seed"
January 26, 2014Douglas Woodsum"Splitting Wood in Winter"
March 10, 2014Robin Merrill"Thousand Dollar Thumbs"
April 13, 2014Alice Persons"Why I Have a Crush on You, UPS Man"
May 18, 2014Edward J. Reilly"Old Whitman Loved Baseball"
November 2, 2014Alice Persons"the man in front of you"
November 30, 2014Marcia Brown"Geography"
February 8, 2015Marcia Brown"Valentines"

The Take Heart anthology was published in April 2013 and is available on Amazon and in bookstores.

The second anthology, TAKE HEART: More Poems From Maine, was published in March 2016 and is also available from Amazon and in bookstores.

See all poems at Maine Writers & Publishers Alliance.