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I Still Feel the Swirl
by Ruth Bookey

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TitleAuthorPublished Order It
A Sense of Place: Collected Maine Poems Bay River Press 2002
Be Careful What You Wish For Alice N. Persons 2003
ErosIon Nancy A. Henry 2004
Language as a Second Language Ted Bookey 2004
Driftland Michael Macklin 2004
Whispers, Cries, & Tantrums Jay C. Davis 2004
Never say Never Alice N. Persons 2004
Sex, Death, and Baseball David Moreau 2004
Humming to Snails Ellen M. Taylor 2005
The Flame and the Fiction Darcy Shargo 2005
Europe on $5 a Day Nancy A. Henry 2005
Laundry and Stories Robin Merrill 2005
Walking Track Jay Franzel 2005
Ways of Looking Edward J. Rielly 2005
Things As They Are Eva Miodownik Oppenheim 2005
A Moxie and a Moon Pie: The Best of Moon Pie Press Nancy A. Henry and Alice N. Persons, Editors 2005
Traveling Through History Patrick Hicks 2005
Innumerable Machines in My Mind: Found Poetry in the Papers of Thomas A. Edison Dr. Blaine McCormick 2005
Evidence of Light Marita O'Neill 2005
Unidentified Flying Odes Dennis Camire 2006
Poems of Maine in the Nineteen Thirties and Forties Brenda Shaw 2006
Rags of Prayer Kevin Sweeney 2006
The Stream Don Moyer 2006
Child is Working to Capacity Tom Delmore 2006
The Desire Line Michelle Lewis 2006
Tuscany Light M. Kelly Lombardi 2006
The Hard Way Jay C. Davis 2006
Angel of the Heavenly Tailgate Annie Farnsworth 2006
Full Moon Rising: the Best of Moon Pie Press, Volume II Alice N. Persons and Nancy A. Henry, Editors 2006
Sostenuto Karen Douglass 2006
Essays in All Directions Robert M. Chute 2007
You Can Still Go To Hell...and Other Truths About Being a Helping Professional David Moreau 2007
Old Whitman Loved Baseball and Other Baseball Poems Edward J. Rielly 2007
Singing With the Dead Ted Thomas, Jr. 2007
Socks Jay C. Davis 2007
Early Late Bloom Jim Mello 2007
He Gives Me Flowers Gaylord Day Weston 2007
The Church of St. Materiana Anne Britting Olesen 2007
Lostalgia Ted Bookey 2007
Life Class Ruth Bookey 2007
To the Promised Land Grocery Bruce Spang 2008
Drowning: A Poetic Memoir Claire Hersom 2008
How Many Cars Have We Been Married? Ted Bookey, editor 2008 (see book detail)
Safe Harbor: Port Veritas Poetry Anthology, Volume I Edited by Alice Persons & Nathan Amadon 2008
Agreeable Friends, Contemporary Animal Poetry Alice Persons, Editor 2008
The Ur-Word Jim Glenn Thatcher 2008
Ordinary Time Kevin Sweeney 2009
I Have Walked Through Many Lives Young Voices - Scarborough 2009
A House of Bottles Robin Merrill 2009
Floating Ellen M. Taylor 2009
Vivaldi for Breakfast John-Michael Albert 2009
The Lawns of Lobstermen Douglas "Woody" Woodsum 2010
With a W/Hole in One Ted Bookey 2010
What on Earth Marcia F. Brown 2010
Blues in the Night Herb R. Coursen 2010
Through the Loop of Time Eva Miodownik Oppenheim 2010
SARX Nancy A. Henry 2010
ALMOST A REMEMBRANCE - Shorter Poems by Jack McCarthy Jack McCarthy 2011
Thank Your Lucky Stars Alice N. Persons 2011
To Sadie at 18 Months and other poems Edward J. Rielly 2011
Faulty Wiring Bob MacLaughlin 2011
Heaven Jumping Woman Pam Burr Smith 2011
Tell them that you saw me but you didn't see me saw Tom Delmore 2011
The Bird Catcher John-Michael Albert 2012
The Common Law James McKenna 2012
Marengo Street Anna Bat-Chai Wrobel 2012
PASSION AND PRIDE: Poets in Support of Equality Bruce Spang 2012
HOME and Other Places Wil Gibson 2012
Sun Shining on Snow: Poetry from the Senior College at the University of Maine at Augusta Ted Bookey 2012
My First Beatrice David Stankiewicz 2013
Rifles, Rumors, Gin And Prayer Jim Donnelly 2013
Observed From a Skin Boat John Holt Willey 2013
Back East Michele Leavitt 2013
The Widow From Lake Bled Kirby Wright 2013
Burning Chairs John P. McVeigh 2013
Boy at the Screen Door Bruce Spang 2014
JESUS WAS A FEMINIST and Other Poems Robin Merrill 2014
When We Invented Water Marcia F. Brown 2014
Boulders, Birch and Wood Smoke: A Maine Melody Stephen A. Cowperthwaite 2014
Nothing Is Real Stanley Jordan Keach, Jr. 2014
All Four Seasons Jim Mello 2014
Feasting on Air Eva Miodownik Oppenheim 2015
Compass Rose Ellen M. Taylor 2015
THE WILDEST PEAL: Contemporary Animal Poetry II Alice Persons, Editor 2015
Not Just Anybody Bruce Spang 2015
The Left Side of My Life Dana Robbins 2015
Fancy Meeting You Here Alice N. Persons 2015
Stable David R. Surette 2015
Same Bird David McCann 2016
Imminent Tribulations Kevin Sweeney 2016
Radost, My Red Jeri Theriault 2016
T'ai Chi of Leaves Elizabeth Potter 2016
Saving Nails Thomas R. Moore 2016
Museum Daniel Duff Plunkett 2016
At Bunker Cove Ralph Stevens 2017
I Still Feel the Swirl Ruth Bookey 2017

Our Latest Book

I Still Feel the Swirl

I Still Feel the Swirl

by Ruth Bookey – copyright 2017

ISBN 978-0-9981922-2-2

$14 including postage and handling

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Reviews for I Still Feel the Swirl

by Claire Hersom

Ruth Bookey writes her life through poetry, no excuses, apologies or holds barred...her poems embrace all aspects of life with clarity, honesty, wry humor and an underlying buoyant spirit that refuses to be squelched.

by Carolyn Gelland Frost

...Life's pleasures are described and unexpected adventures celebrated. This collection of poems is beautifully paced, thematically and stylistically. A richly textured, much-loved and layered life is rendered with gratitude and grace.

Sample from I Still Feel the Swirl

Margrit's Treat

"Let's get an ice cream cone,"
says my six year old sister.
We're coming home from Sunday school.

Margrit says: "My treat."

We come home licking.

Mother asks, "Where did you get the ice cream?"

Margrit says "I had money.
You gave it to me this morning."

"That was for the collection plate."

Margrit says, "God
got enough money from the others;
God didn't need mine."

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